Body Sculpt Barre Magnolia:

Building Muscle and Confidence

     Three years ago, Morgan Russell walked into her first class at Body Sculpt Barre Studio in Prarieville.  Aside from her cheerleading days in high school, Russell admitted that she was never really into fitness and struggled to make it through her first class. 


     Despite its initial difficulty, Russell fell in love with barre and committed herself to fitness.  In her first year working out at Body Sculpt Barre, Russell dropped a dress size, cinched her waist nine inches and built up her strength. 


     The owner of Body Sculpt Barre Studio, Shelly Saurage approached Russell about becoming a Body Sculpt instructor.  Though Russell was apprehensive, she accepted the challenge. 


     “Shelly really pushed me.  She’s very inspiring,” Russell said, “I got better.  I got over my fear of public speaking.  I got some confidence!” 


       This October, Russell opened her franchise location in Central. 


     “I did a poll for Zachary, Central, and Maurepas,” Russell said, “but the people here in Central really wanted it.  They far exceeded anyone else.” 


     Born and raised in Central, Russell was excited to once again be near family after having lived in Lafayette, LA and Austin, TX since high school.  “I love my home here,” she said. 


          Russell hopes that her clients in Central will find a home at Body Sculpt Barre Magnolia.  In her first three years of experience, Russell felt her confidence grow from the friendships she made at Body Sculpt.  She hopes to instill the same sense of family with her new clients at Body Sculpt Barre Magnolia here in Central. 


     “I’m kind of starting from scratch, but I’m excited because I know this transformation is going to be really awesome. I think people are liking it so far,” she said, “It’s all ages and all sizes.” 


     She added that it is a great place for mothers and daughters to go workout together. 


       For many, barre is a foreign concept.  “We are kind of our own brand.  We bring fun to ballet, but you don’t have to have any dance experience,” Russell explained, “It’s all about lengthening, core development, strengthening, and holding.  It’s tiny movements.” 


     Currently, Body Sculpt Barre Magnolia offers classes in Body Sculpt, Pound, Express Sculpt and Barre Mix.  “I love the cardio and the Barre Mix where I can jump around,” Russell said. 


     She added that a lot of women also enjoy the POUND class.  “POUND is holding lightly weighted rip sticks (plastic, quarter-pound drummer sticks) and you literally squat, you lunge, and you don’t even realize you’re doing it.  You just beat and pound to the music,” she said, “People let out so much anger!  It’s just so therapeutic.” 


     A Barre Yoga Restoration class will be added next year.  Russell is certified in Barre, POUND, Piloxing, TRX, and Turbo Kick. 


        Though Body Sculpt Barre Magnolia did flood this past August, Russell feels blessed just to be operating in Central. 


     “I just felt good vibes from it,” she said, “I truly believe that working out is good for your mentality.  If anything, I’m trying to help people relax and motivate them to let their stress go.”


     As her client base grows in Central, Russell hopes to invite all women of every skill range.  “It’s all about modification, and listening to your body.  It’s all about starting somewhere,” Russell said, “and you will grow!”  

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