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 Bridget Kaigler, CPA, CGMA, CMA, MBA

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This July will mark two years of official business for Bringing Leadership Back (BLB), LLC, an “accidental company” founded by Bridget Kaigler.  BLB offers a variety of solutions for leadership and team development, small business and non-profit consulting, and sales/use and property tax assistance. 


Kaigler likes to keep things non-traditional.  She began college at 23 as a single parent and worked her way through night school until she earned several accounting certifications and an MBA.  These experiences allowed her to cultivate the skills to create a special brand of leadership development. 


“I take the approach of what I’ve learned in my life experiences and combine that with my technical experience…  It’s the difference between the theory of leadership and the practical approach for leadership,” Kaigler said. 


Five years ago, a colleague approached Kaigler about writing an article on leadership for Lagniappe, a publication by the LCPA (Louisiana Society of CPAs).  Though she was initially shocked to be approached, she gave it a shot.


“It {the article} got rave reviews,” Kaigler said.  From there, Kaigler received more requests from other publications, including Strategic Finance. 


Though Kaigler doesn’t claim to have created the ‘next big movement’ in motivational and strategic leadership, she believes her practical approach to growing and leading in the workplace is a powerful tool that companies can use to cater to their individual needs.


In 2015, Kaiger decided to make her company official and incorporated as an LLC, stationed from her home in Central, where she and her son have been active members in CAYL and the Central Community School System.  Her son is set to graduate from Central High School this May.


 At present, the majority of her clients are in Baton Rouge; however, she hopes to serve the business community of Central.


  “I want to make sure the information I am speaking about is useful.  In the last five or ten years, communication has changed so much.  Sometimes we are losing that person-to-person interaction when we have all these great tools, but we have to make sure we don’t lose the interpersonal aspects of it.”


With more than nineteen years of experience, Kaigler caters not only to corporate companies, but also smaller-scale, family oriented businesses. 


 “Small businesses?  You have to treat them differently.  It’s the difference between working with five to ten employees or a client with more employees.  It’s all about the relationship,” Kaigler said.


She starts with a process examination of a client and proceeds accordingly.  “Generally, I start with asking, “What is your process?”  You can usually figure out the problem areas they don’t even know about.” 


In addition to business consulting, Kaigler freelances for various magazines and is a frequent speaker on the topic of leadership and sales/use tax.   


“I speak on different aspects of leadership, including interpersonal skills, communication skills, and motivational skills.  It’s really dependent on what the client needs.” 


In 2016, LCPA and the AICPA (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants) recognized Kaigler as a Women to Watch Emerging Leader.  She is a board member with the Baton Rouge Chapter of CPAs and was recently nominated to the Board of Governors for the Institute of Professionals in Taxation (IPT). Kaigler will begin a 3-year team with IPT beginning July 2017.


“My goal at  Bringing Leadership Back, LLC is to help aspiring leaders grow. Leadership starts with us. Set the standard. Others will follow. Be the one to change the world one person and one motivational word at a time.



Partner with Bringing Leadership Back, LLC to inspire the “aspiring leaders” to be visionaries and demonstrate what leadership looks like while maintaining character and integrity. Business sustainability is equally important.


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