Compusteel Detailing Inc. (CDI) is a premier steel detailing business located on Greenwell Springs Road.  CDI is committed to providing the highest quality detailing to the steel fabrication industry.  With more than thirty-seven years in the business and twenty-three years under the tradename Compusteel, owner and founder, Rob Collins and his employees maintain a reputation for excellence and precision. 


     “What we do is related to structural engineering,” Rob Collins said, “We create three-dimensional models of steel structures.  Then, our software breaks it into individual components.”  Ultimately, Compusteel provides the blueprints for steel fabricating companies. 


     Rob Collins formed Compusteel in 1989 in Baker, Louisiana.  Upon starting a family, he and his wife moved back to Central where he operated out of a house on Lovett Road for several years.  From Lovett, Collins moved his business to a building off of North Sherwood before finally settling at the Greenwell Springs Road location.  For the past twelve years, the company has operated out of the current property. 


     Compusteel’s software, SDS/2, automates the process of creating all the steel components.  Collins has used SDS/2 software since 1989.  “We’re one of the oldest firms in the country, in the world, one of the original 4 or 5 <steel detailing companies> that started with these guys,” Collins said, “It allows us to see steel structures all the way down to where a bolt sticks through to the nut.”  SDS/2 Software detailing offers the most accurate level of automation in three-dimensional steel detailing market. 


“SDS/2 Detailing takes a uniquely intelligent approach in its connection design by considering framing conditions and erectibility, automatically performing clash prevention as a part of its connection design. In addition, SDS/2 Detailing can value engineer the connections on a project, helping users to design the most economical connections to fabricate and erect. No other 3D detailing product can do this automatically.”


     The SDS/2 software is integral to the speed and precision to which Compusteel holds its reputation.  “When I first started the business, I did everything by hand,” Collins said, noting that he first developed his own set of software prior to SDS/2.   “There wasn’t a calculator,” he said, “now, there is nothing calculated by hand.  Everything is through the system.  It’s just point and click.”  This ease allows each of the company’s seventeen employees to be trained with the software, and the company has several student workers from LSU learning the software as well. 


     Most of steel fabricators that Compusteel works with are contracted through Petrochemical companies.  Some of their biggest customers are from Monroe and Greensburg. 


     Collins and his family live in Central and three of his four children have graduated with the Central school system.  “We’ve never had any hassles.  We just like the area.  We like the school system.”  After his experiences with his children, Collins praised Central High School.  “Their primary goal at the school is to provide a career path for their students… It just seems like good folks.”

13421 Hooper Road Suite 9 | Central, LA 70818 | | Tel: 225.261-5988 | Fax: 225.246.8540

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