“Lift it. Strike it. Slam it. Drag it.  The Ultimate and Affordable Training System for Real World Strength.”

     Born and raised in the City of Central, Todd Bossier returned to his hometown after college to start a family in a community that he loved.  Though Bossier is a full time Nurse Practitioner, he also co-owns two Snap Fitness gyms in Mississippi.  As he searched for a better alternative to a group fitness class, Bossier explained that he could not find anything “space saving and universal.”  Thus, he decided to enter the world of fitness and created the DisruptiveStrong Bag. 


    The DisruptiveStrong Bag is a weight changing mechanism that can range from 10-110 pounds through use of filler bags.  With 700+ exercises, the DisruptiveStrong Bag strengthens the body through various exercises of real world motion.  Though facing a competitive field, Bossier feels confident about his product.  “I believe the value is to be able to train in so many types of genres of conditioning… You can use this one product.  It’s basically an all in one training product for a lower price point.”  


     Disruptive Strong reached its Kickstarter financial goal of $30,000 nearly a month ahead of schedule.  With eight more days left until of raising money on Kickstarter, DisruptiveStrong Bag has nearly doubled its intended goal.  Bossier notes the success so far is encouraging, but he knows fitness is a competitive market. 


     “Ultimately what will separate me is the fact that I’m developing a platform on a mobile device in one product.”  In the next two to three months, Bossier will release an app to accompany the DisruptiveStrong Bag to provide a more desirable alternative to his Youtube channel.  “It’s going to be a friction free exercise… very clean.”


     Currently, Bossier is manufacturing his product out of his home in Central.  If he is able, he hopes to continue doing business in Central.

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