Gotham Archery started in New York four years ago, and last year it expanded to Central. There are two things that Gotham Archery hopes to bring to the city. First, they want to bring a high end retail option for the city’s archers, and second, they want to introduce archery to the next generation.

                  What initially brought Gotham to Central was the area’s need for high-end archery retail. In New York, most of their business was about the classes. However, in Central most people utilize their retail services. Gotham’s number one focus is on the customer and the customer’s experience. They made the decision to put their resources into their store and the customer experience instead of advertising and promotion. They want to ensure that their customers are satisfied and taken care of.

                  Gotham also wants to provide and be an outlet for the children of Central. They have a program specifically for the area’s homeschool students as well as an afterschool program. This is to offer students other options to be productive outside of school. Gotham’s weekly classes for children have no contract commitment and the cost covers the program as well as the equipment rental. Many programs or sports you would sign your children up for would be expensive up front for equipment, and they may not enjoy it. Ken emphasized that while archery can be pricey, it does not have to be.

                  Gotham can give you a fun family activity or an exciting date night. According to Ken, in New York there were four marriage proposals at the range, and they love seeing families come together and bond over the sport. Gotham also offers group event classes including corporate team building and all types of parties.

                  Gotham has an extensive retail side, and they offer all of the top of the line brands. They have anything hunters need to get them ready for the season. Gotham also does repair work. They want to ensure that every archer not only has what he or she needs, but that their equipment is in top condition.

                  Gotham’s goal truly is to bring people together in a new, fun way. They want to not only bring family and friends together, but to also bring the entire community together. They want to help build and foster relationships while giving the people of Central something new and fun to do.

13421 Hooper Road Suite 9 | Central, LA 70818 | | Tel: 225.261-5988 | Fax: 225.246.8540

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