The Sumich Family and Oak Point:

A Reinvestment in Central

     The Sumich family – owner of Oak Point Fresh Market - prepares to remodel the entire shopping center surrounding Oak Point within the next few months.  Though a list of tenants is not yet concrete, Jonathan Sumich– third generation and one of the managers of Oak Point – expressed his family’s excitement for the project when they decided to further invest in the City of Central.  “We want to make it a better place to live,” Jonathan said. 


     The previous owners of the shopping center were from Wisconsin and were uninterested in bettering our young city.  “They just did not want to put money back into the center,” Jonathan said.  “It’s a good location.  We have a lot of opportunities to put more businesses out here.” 


     Seven years ago, the Sumich family brought Oak Point Fresh Market to Central.  Jonathan shared why his family chose to open in Central, explaining it was “not just numbers, but types of people that live here” which drew his family to Central.  “It was a good, faith-based community,” Jonathan said, “I felt at home here.” 


     Jonathan and his family have lived in Central for the past seven years.  All four of his children go to school in Central. 

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