Old Paths Natural Market

Many Central residents who have made the drive into Baton Rouge for healthy foods and organic products are now in luck. With the opening of Old Paths Natural Market, that trek will be a thing of the past.

Regina Tyndall has learned a lot over the years. Tyndall is a Certified Christian Herbalist, a Nutritional Therapy Consultant, and is well on her way to becoming an Insulin Resistant Specialist. Years ago while dealing with her own health issues, Tyndall wanted to find a way to get healthy without surgeries and medicines. That is when she found herbs, and the rest is history. Tyndall has 9 children, 5 grandchildren and has been homeschooling for 30 years.

For the past five years, Tyndall has been providing customers with alternative options to improve their health both online and at farmer’s markets. She is now hoping to do the same for the City of Central through herbs, nourishing foods, clean products and more. She wants to fill the gap that most health practices may not be able to fill without surgeries or medicine. Tyndall is also very excited to be able to provide bulk herbs. According to Tyndall, when buying herbs often you have to buy by the pound even if you may only need an ounce, but at Old Paths you can come in and buy what you need.

After becoming an herbalist, Tyndall quickly realized that it takes more than just herbs to be healthy; it is very important to be aware of what you are putting in your body. This is why she also likes to focus nourishing foods. Old Paths offers a variety of meats and foods that are locally sourced including pasture-raised pork, chicken and grass fed and finished beef. They also sell local honey.

As well as food, Old Paths will be offering clean, alternative personal care, cleaning and home products and they also offer three different brands of essential oils. Tyndall is trying to bring options like these to the people of Central and its surrounding areas. Many people are accustomed to driving into Baton Rouge for these options. “Many people in this area and surrounding areas are driving into Baton Rouge for healthy nourishing options. Now there is an option out here”, Tyndall says.

Tyndall does not want Old Paths to simply be a store, she wants it to be a spot for fellowship within the community. There will be coffee as well as a meeting spot in the back. They will also offer classes and counseling on clean and healthy lifestyles. One class Tyndall specifically mentioned is on eating like traditional people. “Back in biblical times they did not have these same diseases and illnesses we deal with now,” Tyndall said, “and they did not eat the same processed options we have.” This class will teach what and how people ate during those times as well as the benefits of this type of diet.

Tyndall is excited to not only join, but also to serve Central. With all of the memories from growing up and watching Central grow up, she’s ready to be a part of it all. Old Paths Natural Market is now open and serving Central and its surrounding areas.

13421 Hooper Road Suite 9 | Central, LA 70818 | | Tel: 225.261-5988 | Fax: 225.246.8540

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