Rogers Regional Eye Center:

The Central Location for Eye Care

     Born and raised in the City of Central, Dr. Kevin A. Rogers graduated from Southern College of Optometry in Tennessee in 2008.  After completing his externships, Dr. Rogers returned to his hometown of Central, where he decided to make his mark on the business scene with his optometry practice.  He has only ever practiced in the City of Central and the surrounding communities.  

      In 2009, Dr. Rogers opened his optometry practice on Magnolia Bridge Road.  Due to visibility issues and a need for more space, Dr. Rogers noted that he had always planned to expand his practice and move to a new location.  In early 2013, Dr. Rogers bought the current location, near the corner of Greenwell Springs Road and Magnolia Bridge Road in the medical park.  Construction began that December, and Dr. Rogers re-opened his practice and new location in May of 2014.  “We always knew we were going to need more space,” Dr. Rogers said, “Just like the city is growing; we’re growing.”


     With a million-dollar investment at stake, Dr. Rogers hoped the timing was right for the move and expansion.  “We had kind of reached a stalemate at the other spot because you can only see so many people with a certain amount of space,” he said.  In the wake of re-investment, Rogers Regional Eye Center has nearly doubled in business since the end of 2013, as well as what they are projected to do at the end of this year.  “It has been well worth the investment,” Dr. Rogers stated emphatically, “I would do it again in a heartbeat. I would do it sooner.”


     Rogers Regional Eye Center is a full service eye care center.  They attend to everything except major surgeries.  Minor procedures are performed in house, and treatment is available for all diseases of the eye.  “We have every single piece of technology that is available in eye care,” Dr. Rogers said, “That’s half a million <dollar> investment on my part, but it separates us from any other practice in the area.”


     Part of said technology includes ‘i-Scription,’ a service offered through only two other eye care providers in the state.”  Traditional glasses are done on a quarter diopter, but i-Scription allows for a much more specific reading of the eye to the hundredth diopter.  “It’s more accurate, more precise,” Dr. Rogers said, “it means clearer, sharper, more comfortable vision.”


      Rogers Regional Eye Center also offers laser procedures, all the latest diagnostic equipment, and some cosmetics.  “We have and do everything that’s possible,” he stated, “The more services we can offer our patients means they don’t have to go elsewhere.”

     Its location provides another draw as Rogers Regional Eye Center sits in a central location (pun intended) for those folks hoping to avoid a trip across Baton Rouge.  “A lot of the patients say they don’t want to drive to Essen.  They don’t want to drive to Bluebonnet.  They want to stay here.”  For Dr. Rogers, making services locally available is an important part in the growth of the city.  


Many patients come not only from Central but also from surrounding areas and cities like Watson and Denham Springs.  Nearly one third of his patients come from across the river.  “People just flood in,” he noted, “There is no eye care provider in Watson or North Denham, so geographically I’m the closest provider for them.  It just increases my draw.”


Dr. Rogers and his staff pride themselves on delivering the best possible experience for their patients.  “People can go anywhere,” Dr. Rogers said, “People are going to come to you if you have a good personality and more importantly you know what you’re doing, but also if you’re treating people fairly.”  


As he continues serving patients in the surrounding areas, Dr. Rogers hopes to expand further.  “In the not too distant future, I would imagine we would be bringing in another provider and needing more space.”  Currently, the entire building is 5100 square feet.  Dr. Rogers has signed a five-year lease for 1800 square feet to a satellite office for Woman’s Hospital, where OBGYN’s see patients.  Dr. Rogers also brings in a mobile mammogram bus once a month for the Woman’s Hospital satellite office to offer another service to their patients.  


Dr. Rogers is an active member in city affairs and politics as well as his church community.  He is a member of the American Optometric Association and Optometry Association of Louisiana and served as President of the Southeast Optometric Society.  He is on the Board of Directors for the Central Chamber of Commerce and the Board of Commissioners for the Central Fire Department.  He also just recently finished serving on the Pastorial Council for St. Alphonsus Church.  


            For more information on Dr. Rogers and Rogers Regional Eye Center, see here.  *All insurance plans are accepted save Medicaid Etna and some exclusionary plans. * 

13421 Hooper Road Suite 9 | Central, LA 70818 | | Tel: 225.261-5988 | Fax: 225.246.8540

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