When Tim Lazaroe saw that his younger brother was selling nearly 20 million dollars of security equipment each year, he decided to start RV Cams, Inc. in 2002 right out of his home here in Central.  “I was buying stuff he had in stock already and putting it together and making a back-up camera system out of it,” Lazaroe said, “We wanted to evolve and put something that was more real, more appropriate.  Something that was designed for an RV.” 

     RV Cams, Inc. distributes back up camera systems to recreational, industrial, commercial and agricultural markets.  The back up camera system is designed to aid drivers with their rear blind spot, thereby increasing safety for those involved.  While many buy and distribute back up camera systems, Tim Lazaroe contends that he was the first to put one on Ebay back in 2002. 


     Initially intended to be a side project, RV Cams, Inc. started small.  “I had a website.  I had an 800 number that rolled over to my cellphone.  And, I had a magnetic antenna on my filing cabinet,” Lazaroe said.  The company received its first substantial quote from a utility company in California.  A purchasing agent from Pacific Gas & Electric Company called Lazaroe with a quote for 1000 systems.  This deal got RV Cams’s metaphorical foot in the door with a sizable manufacturer, the same company UPS uses for their trucks.  “Now, I’m their second biggest distributer,” Lazaroe said.  The back up camera systems are an invaluable risk prevention tool for recreational vehicles everywhere.  “You really can’t calculate it because it’s all a matter of what might happen,” Lazaroe said, “You can’t predict what money that might save you.”


     While Lazaroe seemingly fell into this business, he is committed to providing high caliber products to his dedicated customer base.  “We only sell really good, top shelf stuff,” Lazaroe said, “And, we have a fair price.  Rather than catering to lower quality, cheaper items, Lazaroe sharpened his approach.  “We’re going to provide the best quality stuff, at a reasonable price, at a high level of service.  And, fourth, we have the stuff. We don’t drop-ship anything.  So many competitors don’t answer the phone. They don’t understand the stuff. And they don’t have it on the shelf. They’re just somebody that has connections with manufacturers and a website, and they’re just taking orders and getting somebody else to drop-ship it.  We understand how it works, and we can get it out the same day.”


     Nestled between Sullivan’s Hardware and Central Bible Church on Sullivan Road, RV Cams, Inc. does quite well despite the lack of roadway signage.  In fact, nearly 70% of its business is conducted over the phone from everywhere in the United States to Canada, and even the United Kingdom.  With over a million dollars in inventory, RV Cams, Inc. has all the name brand equipment (like Voyager, Sony, Weldex, ADTH, Mito, and Magnadyne) to satisfy their commercial customers. 

Though originally from New Orleans, Tim and his family now pledge loyalty to Central.  “This is our home,” he said, “We’ve decided this would be our home… Central has been good for our family and good for business.”  Tim’s wife, Anita, is a 5th grade teacher at St. Alphonsus School.  They have two daughters, one at St. Alphonsus and the other at St. Joseph’s High School.  Tim is also a Reserve Deputy for the Sheriff’s office. 

     Because Lazaroe has so firmly planted his roots in Central, he hopes to see some changes in the business community.  “I need some warehouse space.  Something like what you find in an industriplex area,” Lazaroe said, “and that doesn’t exist in Central.”  Though he does not currently have the means to build the space he desires, Lazaroe hopes others may begin building first.  “There are reasons why I ought to be doing this someplace else, but I know there’s got to be other people like me who are doing this out of their house who are at the point, or going to be at the point where they need to get out of the house, and where are they going to go?  We’re going to lose them if we don’t have someplace for them to go.”  He hopes to continue his efforts in pushing for light industrial areas in the future.  

     “We’re having a real good year,” Lazaroe finished, “I’m grateful for the things that have come our way and continue to come our way.”  Beyond a light industrial area, Lazaroe also hopes to see Central transform its destination appeal.  “My dream would be to have a nice RV park,” he said, “a really high end RV resort, something with a water park in it.  If somebody ever came and bought us out, then that’s what I would do, start an RV resort.”

For more information on RV Cams, Inc., see www.RVCams.com

13421 Hooper Road Suite 9 | Central, LA 70818 | | Tel: 225.261-5988 | Fax: 225.246.8540

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