Sojourn At Central Square

Jana Mistric started her career working in her mother’s workroom with what she expected to be a temporary position. Now, after many years in the industry, she has turned those experiences into a business of her own, Sojourn at Central Square.

After graduating from LSU with a marketing degree, Jana began looking for a job and trying to figure out what her path would be after college. Her mother offered her a chance to work in her drapery workroom. While Jana had always been interested in design, she was hesitant to accept a job in the workroom. However, once she began, she quickly fell in love with it. “It was therapeutic in a way, and it was good for my creative side that I wasn’t using,” Jana said.

According to Jana the time she spent working for her mother was “invaluable experience.” She learned how to make and install window coverings. Then, once her mother; left she took over the workroom completely. Those years in the workroom gave her the foundation she needed. She later worked as a design consultant for a window coverings manufacturer, and she spent her days in clients’ homes helping them design and building relationships with them. She soon realized that’s what she wanted to do. She loved all aspects of home design; not just windows. Beyond design, she loved getting to know the people and building a relationship with them.

With Sojourn’s opening in October 2017 and the grand reopening in July, Jana is excited to bring boutique home décor and custom window treatments to the people of Central. Growing up, her family owned a hardware store, and it gave her a chance to experience retail and get to know people over the years. Those experiences growing up around retail were major factors in Jana’s decision to open Sojourn.

Many customers come into Sojourn and are very intimidated by the idea of working with a designer, and Jana wants to change that. “Don’t apologize that your house may not be clean. I have three kids, so I know what it is like,” Jana said. She believes that everyone should be able to have the home they want, so she strives to work with every customer, every budget and every style.

Jana is trying to make things as easy and user friendly for customers as possible. One of the ways she’s doing this is by offering sample size rugs that can be checked out. This way customers can try out different designs and styles, so they know exactly what it will look like in their home. Sojourn also offers initial consultations in store for customers who may not be comfortable having someone they’ve never met in their home.

One thing Jana wants everyone to know that they shouldn’t be afraid to reach out to them. Whether you are looking for help with one window or your entire house, call them. The ladies at Sojourn can help with whatever you need, and they’ll do so with a level of respect you won’t find other places.

13421 Hooper Road Suite 9 | Central, LA 70818 | | Tel: 225.261-5988 | Fax: 225.246.8540

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