After talking to Paula Todd and Lindsey Meliet, it’s easy to see why their students love them so much. These two are able to make you feel like the most important person in the room, and that is what they strive to do for their students. According to Paula, they try to make every single student feel like a rock star. “We want to give the kids as much joy as they give us,” Lindsey said.

Both Lindsey and Paula are elementary school teachers; Lindsey teaches at Bellingrath Hills, and Paula teaches at Eastside Elementary School. Paula has been teaching tumbling for 32 years, and Lindsey has been teaching for 19 years. Before they opened Tumblecats, they taught classes for a few years in Denham Springs. Once they started teaching again, that’s when they decided to move to Central. Tumblecats started a little over a year ago, and it opened in the Oak Point shopping center in May. Currently, Tumblecats has 260 students and a waiting list.

Their favorite part about teaching is seeing their students be confident and proud of themselves. At Tumblecats, it is all about tumbling; no pressure, no contracts, no competitions. Tumblecats does not have yearly contracts because Lindsey and Paula believe that it is their job to make their students want to come back each season. They don’t want parents to be locked in to something their child isn’t happy doing. Lindsey said they also encourage their students to be successful in everything they do, and if that means they need take a break Paula and Lindsey support it.

Paula and Lindsey want people to know that what they do is for all students. They can work with individual needs to help students succeed. Tumblecats is truly for every type of kid. It’s for the kids that want to try out for cheer, the kids that need to find something to keep them active and burn off energy, even kids that have low muscle mass and their doctor thinks it will be beneficial. They teach skills on an individual basis so students can be challenged and taught at their own pace. Parents are also encouraged to be engaged at Tumblecats, and the waiting section is right beside the mats. Paula and Lindsey love having the parents there to watch their child’s progress. Lindsey said one of the main reasons they do this is because she knows what it’s like to want to watch and be involved. “When my daughter was in dance we were never able to watch her in class and see what she was doing. Then, after everything we got to see one recital.”

Paula really wants to make kids love physical activity and movement. Central has never really had somewhere that focused on premier tumbling. It isn’t only children and students in Central that benefit; they have some students come from more than forty minutes away for classes.

Paula and Lindsey are so appreciative the community has welcomed Tumblecats and that people trust them with their kids. They love and are proud of what they do. They come in every day and with the help of their teachers they teach like their lives depend on it. They want nothing more than for their students to be confident and feel good about themselves.

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